These small bowls are a great size for dips, sauces, Banchan, or to place on your bedside table as a catch-all.  Semi-spherical in shape, their lip is unglazed and they are easy to stack.  Available in a variety of glazes (click here for more details on glazes).  Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Sold individually.

Glaze Descriptions

  • Glossy Speckled White — A solid, glossy white glaze with speckles.
  • Black Raspberry — A glossy, mottled glaze that fluctuates from a raspberry to dark burgundy, on black clay.
  • Stone — A matte glaze that fluctuates from cream to brown, on black clay. Unique patterning on each mug.
  • Bone — A soft, buttery satin white glaze on white clay.  Less speckles than Oatmeal or Glossy Speckled White.
  • Oatmeal — A matte white glaze on speckled tan clay.
  • Cajun Alligator — A glossy glaze that fluctuates from emerald to green-black, on black clay. Unique patterning.