This serving bowl is great for salads and pastas, or for holding fruit.  Features an unglazed lip and a decorative swirl in the center of the bowl.  Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Each serving bowl is handmade by Elizabeth on the potter’s wheel, in her home studio in Joshua Tree, CA.

Glaze Descriptions

  • Frost –– A buttery satin white glaze on white clay
  • Glossy Speckled White — A solid, glossy white glaze with speckles.
  • Peach Blush — A glossy light pink glaze on speckled tan clay.  Very desert-y!
  • Stone — A matte glaze that fluctuates from cream to brown, on black clay. Unique patterning on each mug.
  • Bone — A soft, buttery satin white glaze on white clay.  Less speckles than Oatmeal or Glossy Speckled White.
  • Oatmeal — A matte white glaze on speckled tan clay.

9.25″ diameter / 3″ height