**NOTE: This listing is for ONE vase. You will receive the exact vase pictured that you select**

Elegant in design, these chic Gunmetal vases are unglazed on the outside, and lined with a glossy black glaze on the inside. They are water-tight and perfect for holding a bouquet of flowers. They are made with black clay, which has a beautiful sheen to it. Perfect for the minimalist in your life who loves clean, modern design! Each vase is slightly different in size and shape.


Vase A: 7.5″ height // 4.75″ diameter
Vase B: 6.25″ height // 4″ diameter
Vase C: 8″ height // 4.5″ diameter
Vase D: 7″ height // 4″ diameter
Vase E: 7.5″ height // 5″ diameter