Firing Services

At our studio in Yucca Valley we offer both bisque and glaze firing services in our electric (oxidation) kilns. We bisque fire to cone 05 and glaze fire to cone 5.


Each firing is priced by the size of the work, measured by cubic inch. Bisque firings are $0.04 per cubic inch, and glaze firings are $0.05 per cubic inch. The minimum fee for kiln firing services is $25, which covers up to 625 cubic inches for bisque and 500 cubic inches for glaze firings. For example, 7-8 medium-sized mugs could be expected to fit within the minimums.

All work must be pre-paid for, including a $50 refundable security deposit. This security deposit covers the cost of your kiln shelf, should your work damage the shelf, and will be refunded to you after a successful firing. Deposits will be waived for those who have fired their work with us repeatedly.

We cannot accommodate firings that need specific ramps, holds, slow cooling, etc.

Turnaround Time

There is roughly a 2 week turnaround time for each firing. This may be longer if you are looking to bisque fire a piece of pottery that is not completely bone dry yet. Signing the bottom of your work ensures we get it back to you as quickly as possible!


Nothing is certain within ceramics! Occasionally, pieces may explode or become damaged in the kiln due to construction issues (like air bubbles, thick clay, etc.) or other things that are beyond our control. Sometimes glazes come out not as expected, or a piece warps. Therefore, ZZIEE Ceramics will not provide firing fee refunds for any items that are damaged or do not meet the potter’s expectations. Use of our firing services implies agreement that ZZIEE Ceramics is not responsible for any such damages or unmet expectations. You are welcome to consult with Elizabeth prior to your firing so as to avoid some common errors that can lead to pots not coming out as you hope.


You must provide a photograph of the label on the bag of clay you used, showing the cone rating for the clay. You must also provide a photo of the label of the glaze you use, showing the cone rating.

Contact us to reserve a firing for your work!